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History of HorArt Academy

             HorArt HoReCa Academy Poland is the first and the biggest academy in Poland specializing in the education of managerial staff in the gastronomy and hotel industry.

            Our story has been more than 12 years in the making. HorArt Academy was founded in early 2009. Its idea was born among people connected with HoReCa industry for years: restaurateurs, hoteliers, and experienced managers. The Polish catering and hotel market lacked an institution specializing in the training of management staff. The inspiration to organize the academy came from the Western European market, where the sector of courses and training for the HoReCa industry was much more developed at that time.

            The founder and president of HorArt Academy is Maciej Zarzecki, restaurateur, entrepreneur and HoReCa market expert. The foundation of our team is formed by Krzysztof Ślesicki - a practitioner and authority in the field of gastronomy management, specializing in opening new restaurant concepts and Natalia Zawadzka experienced specialist in the Polish and international hotel market.


What makes us different?

  1. Lack of anonymity. HorArt Academy is made up of highly regarded and credible people in the industry. Anyone can check who we are. Our website always lists who will be conducting a specific training. This allows anyone interested to verify the trainer's competence and experience.


  1. Experience and scale of operation.We have been in business since 2009. We regularly hold open trainings in 8 cities. We provide training dates for the year in advance, and they are regularly scheduled.


  1. Extensive practical experience. Our trainers are industry practitioners only - experienced restaurateurs, managers, hoteliers.   We do not have university lecturers teaching our classes. We cooperate only with experts recognized in the industry, who have daily contact with the HoReCa market.


  1. Credibility. HorArt Academy has received hundreds of positive recommendations, feedback and reviews for over twelve years of operation. Anyone interested can read about us or ask friends in the industry. In a nutshell, check why we are the market leader.


  1. Profitability.This is the key word through which we view our training. A touch of "magic" has always surrounded our industry. In a restaurant or hotel, we "sell" experiences and memories on par with selling food or lodging. This sets the food service and hospitality industry apart from many other sectors of the economy. However, remember that catering is a business like any other. That's why most of the solutions we teach in training are aimed at increasing revenue and optimizing costs.


  1. Modernity and Innovation. The HoReCa industry, like just a few others, is constantly changing. Something that was fashionable and popular three years ago, might have already become a relic of the past.
    Therefore we pay great attention to our own development.  We visit international trade fairs, participate in conferences. We travel extensively and are hosted at distinguished restaurants and hotels. We analyze innovative solutions. We follow foreign trends closely, as many of them are likely to appear in Poland.


  1. We provide training in-house only. At HorArt academy, we believe thatonline training for food service or hospitality is not viable. HoReCa is a quite specific and unique industry, which cannot be easily modelled on other sectors of the economy. That's why we only train in-house.


Our lecturers

            Catering and hospitality is made by people. In fact, the staff largely determines the success or failure of a particular restaurant or hotel. They create the professionalism and atmosphere of the place.  Even the most beautiful décor or the best equipment in a restaurant won't help if there is no committed and motivated team.

            At HorArt Academy, we believe that our greatest asset is our lecturers.  The team of trainers is the most important for the high quality of our training.  It is made up of experienced professionals, active practitioners, recognized in the industry. 

            The pillars of our staff are Krzysztof Ślesicki responsible for the catering manager course and Natalia Zawadzka leading the hotel manager course.  Subject matter training is provided by specialists in their area.  Sommelier training is the domain of Polish vice-champion sommelier Arkadiusz Kurowski. Polish vice-champion of latte art, Magdalena Głowacka, and Viktor Petrakovskyi are responsible for the barista course. The waiter course is conducted by Adrian Wolak.


Our trainings

            HorArt Academy provides open, accessible trainings for all interested parties. Our courses are intended for food service workers, owners of catering establishments and hotel facilities, as well as people with no previous contact with the industry who plan to start working in this sector or open their own business.

            Our offer includes the following courses: catering manager, hotel manager, barista, waiter and sommelier. We set training dates for the year in advance and publish them on our website. Deadlines do not change and are met regularly.

            Since the inception of the Academy, the catering manager course has been the most popular. The project has been refined and expanded over the years. The 350th edition was held in 2020, over a decade after its release.  This says a lot about the recognition our course has received and the trust the industry has placed in us.

            What made the HorArt academy catering manager course a success?  It is primarily the fact that it is one of the few trainings conducted by active managers and restaurateurs. In our company you will not meet lecturer-theoretician, which is the norm in typical educational institutions, post-secondary schools or, unfortunately, even in higher education institutions that offer courses dedicated to catering industry.  Such classes are simply taught by teachers who are better or worse prepared for the subject. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that, but it is difficult to demand the ability to practically manage a restaurant or a hotel from a teacher with several years of experience, because such a person simply never did it.

            Our second leading training is the hotel manager course.  In this training, we focus on the essential aspects of hospitality facility management. We try to capture as broad a perspective as possible by looking at the different departments of a hotel's operation and showing how each can contribute to the profitability of the property. The whole thing is set on a solid foundation of general knowledge about the HoReCa industry.


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